PLAYS STUDIO has been focusing on branding and product design.

After completing the work and study in Finland, we have founded the studio in Beijing, 2013. In past few years, PLAYS has delivered design services to clients from different industries, including intelligent hardware, furniture, and bathroom etc. Our consultant services are ranging from branding, product definition, product design, to manufacture support etc. The high quality deliverables helped our clients win both business growth and global design awards.

In 2019, PLAYS STUDIO has established own design & lifestyle brand, to explore more possibilities in product and design.


PLAYS STUDIO 专注于品牌与产品设计。

2013年,创始人结束了北欧的学习与工作后,在北京成立工作室。过去的几年间,PLAYS 为智能硬件,家具,卫浴等不同领域的客户提供设计咨询,内容涵盖品牌、初期产品定义、产品设计、至量产制造跟踪等环节的专业服务。我们用良好的设计助力品牌的成长,作品也多次获得国际奖项的认可。

2019年,PLAYS STUDIO 尝试推出自己的独立家居品牌
AMBIGUOUS WORK。期待以新视角,探索产品与设计的可能性。